Understanding "Users" in WPSAmerica.com

More Users = More Saving
More Users = More Productivity

You can purchase WPSAmerica.com software for up to 5 users for your company.

A "user" is a person with an independent login access to WPSAmerica.com to use the software program that was registered by his/her company. You save more, by adding more users, while it helps improve team productivity, and decrease budget spending for your company. See following examples:

Types of Software * Package Plan

Compare Monthly Cost per User

1 User
2 User
3 User
4 User
5 User


2-Year Plan







2-Year Plan







1-Year Plan







1-Year Plan






* Structural Steel (SS) Software (OR) Pressure Vessel, Piping Software (PV) includes: Welding Procedure (WPS, PQR), Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ or WPQR), and Welders Management Report (WMR) Software, plus much more!

Yes, only $50 a month!

You can spend only $50 a month per user to use both the SS Software and PV Software!

About above example - Let's assume that you are a medium company where:

1. You are a professional and decision maker for the company.

2. Your technical department includes 3 engineers, one CWI inspector, and one quality control manager

3. You decide to register 5 User accounts and save. Now, each of your technical staff, independently, able to use the software and manage your company welding documents from anywhere at anytime online!

4. Your budget for each user will be only $50 per month, using 2-Year Plan (PV + SS); that is a huge discount and big budget saving, while all your technical staff would benefits from the software!

Note: With 1 User account, you still can share the software with your colleagues (additional user), within your company; however keep in mind that when sharing your account with an additional user, two people can not use the software, at the same time, with the same log in access to WPSAmerica.com.